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Deputy Warden Kevin Kelley

Deputy Warden Kelley began with the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office in 2003 and has served in various supervisory roles throughout his career. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2010 and was assigned to the Riverhead Facility. He was later assigned to the Records Section, followed by the Administrative Bureau where his duties included generating the Operating Budget for the Correction Division and asset and resource management. He oversaw daily financial and purchasing trends within the Correction Division and was involved in various special projects.

Promoted to Lieutenant in 2019, he commanded a crew in the Riverhead facility. In 2021 he was assigned to the Research and Development Bureau within the Operations Division. There he oversaw the generation of the Sheriff’s Office Operating and Capital Budgets, tracking trends, and patterns in staffing and resource allocation. In 2022 He was promoted to Captain and designated Executive Officer to the Chief of Staff.

Deputy Warden Kelley remains Executive Officer to the Chief of Staff, responsible for all commands within the Operations Division. These duties largely focus on budgeting, asset management, tracking and reporting on vital statistics, and increasing agency efficiency.

In addition to his regular duties, Deputy Warden Kelley is a New York State Sheriff’s Association Accreditation Assessor.

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