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Academy Training


Correction Officer Recruit Curriculum

Academy Orientation

Introduction to Law Enforcement

Ethics & Professionalism

Professional Communication

Effective Communication

Tier Role Playing

Incident Disciplinary Report Writing

Sexual Harassment & Misconduct

Personal Awareness

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Operations & Procedures

NYS Penal Law & Offenses

NYS Criminal Procedure Law

Laws of NYS Civil Liabilities & Risk Management

Preliminary Investigations

Peace Officer Investigations

Courtroom Testimony

Legal Issues

Essential Services

Defensive Tactics

Initial Firearms Range

Inmate Transportation

Fingerprint Identification

Crime Scene Preservation

Social Media


Community & Public Relations

Medical Evaluations 

Rehabilitation Unit

Active Threat

Security & Supervision

Direct Supervision

Incident Management

Hostage Survival


Persons With Disabilities

DWI Awareness

Fundamental Crisis Intervention

Fair & Impartial Policing

Stress Management

Officer Wellness

Field Training

Fire Academy

CPR | First Aid | AED | Narcan


Language Assistance Program

Interagency Cooperation

Internal Security & Gang Awareness

Office of Professional Standards

Human Trafficking

Drug Awareness

District Court

Sheriff's Reform & Reinvention Plan

De-escalation Training

HALT Training

Trauma Informed Training

Trauma in Youth in Detention


Deputy Sheriff Recruit Curriculum

The Deputy Sheriff's recruit course is ran through the Suffolk County Police Department Academy and is a 6-month academy with Deputy Sheriff training upon graduation from the academy. For more information on their academy, please visit

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