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Captain Salvatore Petrone

Deputy Sheriff Captain Salvatore Petrone is the Commanding Officer of the Sheriff’s Office First District Court Bureau. The Bureau’s main responsibilities are the care, custody and transportation of Inmates to and from Correctional Facilities for court appearances as well as pre-arraignment prisoners awaiting arraignment on new charges. Captain Petrone also oversees the Sheriff’s Office Marine Patrol Bureau, Traffic and Parking Violations Bureau and is a representative on Traffic Safety Committee. In addition, Captain Petrone is the Language Access Coordinator for the Sheriff’s Office. The language access program offers services such as interpretation, translation and sign language free of charge to assist Inmates and the General Public.

Captain Petrone is a 28 year member of the Sheriff’s Office, joining the ranks as a Deputy Sheriff in June of 1994. He was initially assigned to the First District Court Bureau and then worked in Headquarters Bureau and the Domestic Violence Bureau. In 2002 he was promoted to Sergeant and supervised in District Court, Headquarters, Domestic Violence Bureau and was named the Commanding Officer of the Pistol License Bureau. Petrone was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2016 and was assigned as the Commanding Officer of the Grants Bureau as well as the Executive Officer of Headquarters Bureau and Warrant Squad Bureau. He received promotion to the rank of Captain in February of 2022.

Captain Petrone earned an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Suffolk County Community College. He also holds various professional certificates in areas such as Basic K-9 Management, Drug Identification, Radiation Detection, and is a certified Investigator through the New York State Department of Criminal Justice.

In 2018 Captain Petrone was named the Sheriff’s Office “Deputy Sheriff of the Year” and received “Officer of the Year” honors and “The Gerald Buckley Award” from the Southampton Kiwanis Club.

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