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About Deconstructing the Prison Pipeline and the
First Annual Conference

On January 1, 2018, Dr. Errol D. Toulon, Jr. became Suffolk County’s 67th Sheriff of Suffolk County, New York. Over the course of his 30-year career in law enforcement, including 25 years working on Rikers Island, Sheriff Toulon came to the conclusion that many current laws and policies aimed at reducing crime and recidivism were failing to consider the root causes – such as adverse childhood experiences, trauma and the effects of inter-generational-incarceration.  In October 2018, he put together a task force called Deconstructing the Prison Pipeline, and brought together lawmakers, human service experts, impacted individuals, educators, and law enforcement officials to study the issue and implement cost-effective solutions. Simultaneously, he greatly expanded correctional programming aimed to reduce recidivism -- and at no additional cost to county taxpayers.  

The 2020 conference will be an exciting opportunity for the public to learn about best practices in crime prevention and rehabilitation We will also have a youth discussion, which will be moderated by Sheriff Toulon and Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean Pierre.  More information about the youth portion is available here.  Agendas and additional conference information will be posted by March 1st.     

Mission Statement

Safe schools and neighborhoods depend on a caring community where everyone feels they will be equally protected, supported, and heard.   Deconstructing the Prison Pipeline seeks to address the root causes of youthful crime and inmate recidivism -- and brings together law enforcement, lawmakers, school officials, human service professionals and impacted individuals to innovate and create systemic change.


Under Sheriff Toulon’s leadership, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office became the first law enforcement agency in the nation to partner with Sandy Hook Promise to teach school children the Say Something and Start with Hello curriculum in county schools.  Say Something educates youth about the observable warning signs (written, spoken, photographed, in video) that often exist in behaviors that could lead to someone hurting themselves or others. It also teaches individuals how to safely report on warning signs and potential threats.  Start with Hello is designed to encourage positive social interaction to reduce loneliness, isolation and bullying. By teaching thousands of students in these programs each year, Sheriff Toulon hopes to create a cultural shift in society in which all children and adults become empowered bystanders—and we reduce the stigma of seeking emotional and mental health support.   

Under Sheriff Toulon's leadership, the Suffolk County Correctional Facility has become a place of rehabilitation. We have special programmatic housing areas that offer a range of supportive services, mental health services, vocational training, parenting and family reunification, and frequent visits from outside agencies that specialize in transitioning individuals from incarceration to the community.  These initiatives are overseen by Correctional Counselors. 

Learn more about the following special units on the Re-entry and Rehabilitation page

Choose Your Path  

The Human Trafficking Unit

Choose to Thrive 

The Veterans and Senior Program POD 

The Sheriff’s Addiction Treatment Program


Sheriff Toulon is also seeking to address the unintended consequences of zero-tolerance school disciplinary policies that studies show feed the “school-to-prison pipeline.”  In July 2019, Sheriff Toulon met with many school superintendents and security staff to discuss the efficacy of an evidenced-based alternative known as the Virginia Student Threat Assessment Guidelines.  It is a program used to evaluate threats of violence, quickly resolve less serious transient threats and take appropriate action in response to more serious, substantive threats. The method encourages more collective problem solving that gets to the core of disciplinary problems.  Studies have found that schools using this model were able to resolve threats safely and effectively, allowing almost all students to return to school. It also resulted in lower suspension rates and fewer alternative school transfers, with no racial/ethnic disparities for black and Hispanic students. Youth in special education programs received similar outcomes to other students, and in school climate surveys, students and teachers reported less bullying and more positive perceptions of school climate than students and teachers in control-group schools. Numerous school districts now intend to adopt this methodology.

Deconstructing the Prison Pipeline Task Force Members

Dr. Errol D. Toulon, Jr.

Sheriff of Suffolk County, Chair

Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre
NY State Assembly, Task Force Co-Chair

Leslie Anderson

Suffolk County DA's Office

Dr. Frances Brisbane

Jean Cohen, Mentor New York

Tracey Edwards, NAACP

Mamie Gladden

Dr. Kimberly Roff, Touro College

Dr. Linda Russo, Molloy College

Rebecca Sanin, HWCLI

The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office is an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency


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