Arrest: DWI/Driving While Ability Impaired by the Combined Influence of Alcohol and Drugs

09/19/19: At approximately 8:28 PM, Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Suzi Kang, 31, of Kings Park, NY, for driving while intoxicated. Ms. Kang failed to stop after a property damage accident and was observed driving with no tail lights on the shoulder of Fort Salonga Rd in Smithtown on passenger side rims only. She performed poorly on a field sobriety test and a chemical breath test determined her BAC to be .10%. A drug recognition expert evaluation also determined Ms. Kang to be under the combined influence of alcohol, central nervous system depressant, and cannabis. Ms. Kang is charged with driving while ability impaired by the combined influence of alcohol and any drug, driving while intoxicated, one count of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree, one count of unlawful possession of marijuana, and reckless driving.

Disclaimer: All information contained in this post has been provided for general informational purposes only. To the extent that pending criminal matters are discussed, all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office is an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency


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