Parents & Educators

Upon taking office in January 2018, Suffolk County Sheriff Errol Toulon  made it his personal mission to "get to them BEFORE they get to me."  As future leaders, the Sheriff's Office wants to see all our youth thrive successfully here on Long Island. 


Several teams of officers run the various school and community programs. They talk with our youth about the dangers of substance abuse, being inclusive and welcoming to everyone from all walks of life, and how to say something to a trusted adult if they feel someone is a danger to themselves or others around them.

Since taking office, Sheriff Toulon has visited 1-2 schools per week meeting with faculty and students to see what issues our youth are facing today.  They discuss everything from bullying, drugs & alcohol, gangs, and even school violence.  

Sheriff Toulon's discussions with school children enhanced our support for schools, community leaders, and parents. Please go through our links below to see up-to-date information and facts on the common issues facing Suffolk County's youth today. You will also find downloadable material to start discussions with your children.

Please feel free to leave us a comment or request for more information.

The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office is an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency


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