Facts About Drugs & Alcohol

Of the approximately 1100 inmates in both our Riverhead and Yaphank Correctional Facilities, 92% have admitted to substance abuse. Oftentimes, substance abuse underlies criminal behavior and is directly related to incarceration.  The Suffolk County Correctional Facility operates a Sheriff's Addiction Treatment Program inside the Yaphank Jail to assist inmates with addiction issues. It's important that residents understand the affects of substance use and how it may lead to addiction. 

Drugs are a chemical substance that change how your mind and body work. Certain medicines can help the body with physical or mental ailments, but certain drugs are abused or substances that are used to get a "high" or change how we feel. They may be legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco, or illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Some legal drugs that are used to treat illnesses can become drugs of abuse when they are being used to "get high", used by the wrong person, or if too much is taken at one time.  

Below are printable fact sheets from the National Institute on Drug Abuse on some of the most common drugs.    

Shattering the Myths

Please Note: Alcohol and substance abuse is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly.  If you suspect someone has an addiction, LICADD has a hotline that county residents can call 24/7 for assistance at (631) 979-1700.  If you suspect someone is in immediate danger of an overdose or substance abuse related issue, call 911.  

The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office is an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency


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